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  • When is your next book release?
    The status for all of my books can be found in their respective categories on my BOOKS page. You can also sign up for my NEWSLETTER to get exclusive updates and sneak peaks!
  • Are you looking for Beta or ARC Readers?
    If you'd like to be considered as a Beta or ARC Reader for any of my writing projects, be sure to join my NEWSLETTER as Subscribers always get first choice!
  • Can you read/review my book?
    Thanks so much for considering me! Being a full time CFO for several of my husband's companies, plus writing, publishing, and marketing my work, doesn't give me much free time. While I can't automatically guarantee a commitment to read or review your book, I do have a little more free time after tax season. Please do feel free to contact me with your request and I will definitely check my schedule and let you know!
  • I am a Podcaster/Blogger/Vlogger/Influencer and I would like to feature you. Are you available to interview?
    It would be great to chat with you about being interviewed on your platform! Please use my CONTACT form above to send your inquiry, including a link to your blog, youtube channel, podcast, etc.
  • How long have you been writing?
    Visit my ABOUT page to read more about my writing journey!
  • What advice can you give to Aspiring Writers?
    I love to get to know and help fellow writers! When you sign up for my monthly NEWSLETTER you automatically gain access to my exclusive resources for writers! So, be sure to sign up and check back frequently, as I am adding more content for writers weekly — from writing and editing tips to free templates!

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For any media inquiries, please contact agent at address below:

P.O. Box 143 | Covington, TX. 76636 |

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